Our Mission Statement

badgeTo recognize that the purpose of our organization is both the skillful enforcement of the law, and the delivery of humanitarian services, which promote community peace.

To understand that we must maintain a level of professional competence that ensures our safety and that of the public, without compromising the constitutional guarantees of any person.

To fairly and equally enforce the law and to respect and be aware of human diversity, respecting the dignity and rights of all we serve, and being ever vigilant that no one is treated differently because of race, religion, culture, gender, or sexual orientation.

To report facts learned in a fair, unbiased fashion, in a timely manner, to the proper authority, with a professional appearance and level of literacy.

To recognize that our badge is a symbol of the public's trust in us and that we will expect exemplary behavior from ourselves in both the performance of our duties and our private life, keeping ever mindful of department rules and standards.

To never use our position to compromise another person's dignity or safety, or secure a gain for ourselves that would not be otherwise due.

To deliver a high level of law enforcement service to our citizens, for the fiscal expense allocated, with care and concern for the fiscal burden that is put upon them, delivering service back to them for the tax money that they have spent.

To pursue the knowledge of the best methods of completing our tasks, keeping ourselves aware of new laws and decisions, seeking training, and striving to learn and improve ourselves, so that we may provide the best service to our taxpaying citizens.

Anything less is a violation of the public's trust.