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20250 County Road 41
Holyoke, Colorado 80734

Establishment and Location

The Holyoke Cemetery was established in 1887 under the control of Phillips County. On November 3, 1941 Ordinance 4-1941 was passed and adopted by the Town of Holyoke, Colorado establishing it as a municipal cemetery and providing for its operation.  The cemetery was and is now known as the Holyoke Cemetery and is located southeast of Holyoke on County Road 41.

General Information

The Holyoke Cemetery Board, appointed by the Holyoke City Council, has complete supervision, control and management of the Holyoke Cemetery. The board is authorized to govern the cemetery’s operation based on the Holyoke Cemetery Rules and Regulations.  The City of Holyoke and Holyoke Cemetery Board respectfully suggest that all individuals purchasing a space(s) or arranging an interment, become familiar with the cemetery rules and regulations.  These rules and regulations, and the cemetery fee schedule, are available for viewing at the City of Holyoke located at 407 E. Denver, Holyoke, Colorado. 

Funding for the cemetery is through the City of Holyoke. Gifts and bequests to the Holyoke Cemetery are encouraged and shall be used according to the expressed wishes of the donor.  The donor recognition wall located at the front entry of the cemetery honors those who have given so graciously to the cemetery.

Cemetery Records and Contact Information

The White Memorial Directory is located at the front entrance of the cemetery to assist you in locating the recorded burials in the cemetery. This listing is updated annually just before the Memorial Day holiday.  The cemetery records are located at the City of Holyoke in care of the Holyoke Cemetery Board Secretary.  The City of Holyoke Deputy Clerk/Treasurer serves as Secretary and is responsible for maintaining the records and assisting the public with daily business.  Any questions can be directed to the Secretary at the City of Holyoke office or by calling (970) 854-2266.

Memorial Day Holiday

Memorial Day is an important and respected holiday.  Several city employees are called upon to help ensure that the cemetery looks its best.  In honor of the veterans who have and are serving our country, the cemetery is decorated with American flags during this holiday weekend. The American flag display lining the front of the cemetery was donated by the Millage Family.   

All grave decorations which do not conform to the Holyoke Cemetery Rules and Regulations must be removed from all graves by the Thursday following the Memorial Day holiday. Items not removed by this date will be removed and disposed of in order for staff to maintain the cemetery in the most efficient way. 
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession
Holyoke Cemetery Board Judy Beavers Member                   
Holyoke Cemetery Board        Terry Hofmeister Member                     
Holyoke Cemetery Board  Chris Lehman Member       
Holyoke Cemetery Board Gene Bittner Council Member/Vice Pres.     
Holyoke Cemetery Board      Kevin Scott Mayor/Pres
Holyoke Cemetery Board      Tillie Fisbeck Secretary/Treasurer           
City Representatives Jeremy Thompson City Superintendent
City Representatives Kathleen Olofson City Clerk/Treasurer
City Representatives Alvin Wall City Attorney