City of Holyoke
Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC)
RAC’s Mission


To be created by the newly hired City Recreation Director and her/his RAC. 

In order to meet the RAC’s Mission, the following functions are established:
1. Provide guidance and advice to the City Recreation Director.
2. Participate in the creation of the annual calendar of events.
3. Establish and review annual and long-term goals for the program.
4. Serve as ambassadors of the program with the community.
General Procedures
The RAC will meet quarterly throughout the year with additional meetings as needed by the Director.  The primary meeting dates will be determined annually with the adoption of the activities calendar.  
The RAC serves in an advisory capacity only.  It is the goal that recommendations to the Director are a consensus of those members present. If consensus cannot be reached, the Director may call for the polling of membership polling of the RAC may take place. Polling of the membership should be used only as a last resort.  
A quorum constitutes a simple majority of the total membership. Meetings will not be conducted unless a quorum is present.
Agenda Development and Procedure
The meeting agendas will be created by the Director so that s/he can obtain the advice or opinions on topics helpful to the work.  RAC members may propose discussion topics to the Director.  If RAC members are to introduce discussion topics, it is best that it is done with the Director prior to the agenda being set.  An agenda will be sent to the RAC a week prior to the meeting to provide an opportunity for the Director to be prepared for the discussion.
Maintaining Meeting Records
Records of meetings and materials shared during the meeting will be maintained by the Director.  At each meeting will begin with formal approval of the minutes from the previous meeting.  Changes, corrections or additions to the minutes can be approved by a majority present prior to the adoption.
The RAC shall be comprised of:
Two City Council members appointed by the City Council.
Five Community Members appointed by the City Council for the first year, and three Community Members in year 2 going forward.
City Superintendent & City Clerk – to provide technical support and budget/policy information
City Council Members shall serve 2 years and will be reappointed with the reorganization of the council following the election every two years.  Community Members shall serve 2 year terms (with the exception of the initial committee which include staggered expiration dates for terms for stability in the first three years). There shall be no term limits.
A member of the RAC may resign at any time. A letter of resignation shall be written and submitted by the resigning member to the Recreation Director and will be forwarded for City Council approval at their next meeting.  The vacancy shall be filled promptly from the affected constituency according to established procedures. 
RAC members will not receive compensation for their service.  
Composition and Representation



Term Expires

City Mayor

Kevin Scott


City Council Member 

Trae McCallum   


Community Member

Erin Carper

Dec. 31, 2023

Community Member

Ashley Clayton

Dec. 31, 2024

Community Member

Nicholas Flaa

Dec. 31, 2024

City Superintendent

Jeremy Thompson


City Clerk / Tresurer

Kathy Olofson